Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) panels

Product Description

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a composite sheet product. Prior to refining, the wood fiber to be formed into MDF is “cooked” in a moderate pressure steam vessel (digester). This step changes the wood chemically and physically; making the fiber content of MDF less susceptible to the influences of moisture and brittleness. During the refining step, the wood is rubbed into fiber bundles, which will orientate into a super-strong random mat. A resin binder is added and the panel is hot pressed. The final phase includes sanding and sawing.

  • Ideal substitute for solid wood.
  • Dimensionally stable and strong.
  • Smooth surface and excellent machinability
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Shelving
  • Picture Frames
  • Raised Panel Construction
  • Cabinets
  • Speaker Cabinets
  • Door Parts
  • Flooring
  • Store Fixtures
  • MDF takes a finish so well it rivals that of sheet metal. Designs that require 3 dimensional machining can be created affordably using MDF.
  • MDF is available in 5 different formulations. Refer to the product grids below or just ask if you’re not sure which will suit your needs best.
  • When using a clear finish, colors may vary from sheet to sheet.

Please select an MDF product category from the list below to view available items.

ThicknessSizeStandard MDFMedite IIMedexUltralightFire RatedNAF
1/8″49 X 9784376
3/16″49 X 9784540
1/4″49 X 978438084441
49 X 12184390
3/8″49 X 97844008410084442
7/16″49 X 9784420
1/2″49 X 978444084460842008460384443
49 X 1218448084446
61 X 12184485
5/8″49 X 97845008424084585
11/16″49 X 9784520
61 X 12184522
3/4″49 X 97845808460084300845508460584588
49 X 1218464084310
61 X 978468084683
61 X 1218470184314
1″49 X 97847208432084687
49 X 12184725
61 X 9784740
61 X 12184810
1-1/8″49 X 9784780
1-1/4″49 X 978482084340
3/4″774004 x 8PAINT GRADE3″ ON CENTER
1/4″843704 x 8BEAD IS 1-1/2″ ON CENTERMDFPRIMED 1S

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