Hardwood Characteristics

Common Name Color Heartwood Grain LBS/FT3 Stability Workability Applications
ALDER Western Alder
Oregon Alder
Pale yellow to reddish brown Fairly straight 33 Satisfactory Excellent Cabinet parts, furniture, laminated articles, etc.
ASH White Ash Grey brown tinged with red Straight 41 Excellent Moderate Sports bats, oars, cue sticks, tool handles, furniture, cabinet parts
American Whitewood
Creamy white to pale pinkish brown Straight and fine 26 Satisfactory Excellent Hand carving, pattern making, picture frames, toys, cabinetry
BIRCH Natural Birch
Red Birch
White Birch
Creamy white tinged with red Straight and fine 39 Excellent Moderate to easy Dowels, furniture, cabinetry, drawer sides, etc.
CEDAR Tennessee Cedar
Aromatic Cedar
Light brown to red Straight and fine/medium 36 Excellent Moderate Construction, gates, furniture, fencing, doors, etc.
CHERRY Cabinet Cherry Rich red to reddish brown Straight close grain 36 Excellent Moderate to easy Musical instruments, furniture, cabinetry, boat interiors, etc.
HICKORY Pecan Hickory Brown to reddish brown Straight to wavy w/coarse texture 49 Excellent Difficult Tool handles, chairs, furniture, cabinetry
JATOBA Locust Salmon red to orange brown – brown streaks Straight to wavy w/coarse texture 56 Excellent Difficult Furniture, cabinetry, tool handles, floors, stair treads, construction
KHAYA African Light to dark reddish brown to deep red Straight to interlocked medium texture 34-36 Excellent Excellent Furniture, cabinetry, boat building, pianos, caskets, pattern making
MAPLE Hard Maple
White Maple
Natural Maple
Creamy white to reddish brown w/tinge of red Straight w/fine and even texture 45 Satisfactory Moderate Flooring, furniture, cabinetry, musical i