Sheet Veneer

Sheet Veneer is real wood veneer sheets “laminated” to either a paper or wood backer. Ready to finish – this smooth and consistent surface accepts stains and finishes uniformly. Paper backed installation is user friendly – trim with scissor or razor knife, lay up with PVA glue or contact cement. Wood-backed installation is similar to that of high pressure laminate.

This product may be special ordered in bookmatched, sequenced and cross-grained versions.

Product Description

  • These paper-backed flexible veneer sheets have been “flexed” for easy handling and contour work applications
  • Cabinet Refacing
  • Veneer Inlays
  • Exotic Species Furniture
  • Contour Veneer Work
  • Drum Tables
Application NotesFinishing
  • Smooth, clean surface is essential
  • Apply adhesive per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use scraper tool or veneer roller (not a “J” roller)applying firm pressure in direction of grain
  • Apply oil/stain sparingly, wipe off immediately
  • Material should be stored flat
  • Prior to fabrication, allow material to acclimate to ambient conditions for 3 days
  • Wait 24 hours after laminating
  • Sand with a fine grit sandpaper

10 Mil Paper Back – Flexible

48″ X 96″87420CHERRY
48″ X 96″87410EUROPEAN BEECH
48″ X 96″87385KHAYA – RIBBON
48″ X 96″87380KHAYA
48″ X 96″87440MAPLE
48″ X 96″87180RED OAK
48″ X 96″87400SAPELE
48″ X 96″87340TEAK
48″ X 96″87300WALNUT
48″ X 96″87240WHITE OAK
48″ X 96″87260WHITE OAK – RIFT
48″ X 96″87270ALDER
48″ X 96″87280ASH
48″ X 96″87430HICKORY/PECAN
48″ X 96″87480KNOTTY PINE
48″ X 96″87220RED OAK – RIFT
48″ X 96″87460VG FIR
48″ X 96″87320WHITE BIRCH

30 Mil Paper Back – Flexible

48″ X 96″87493MAPLE

Wood-Backed (Wood To Wood)

48″ X 96″87273ALDER
48″ X 96″87271CHERRY
48″ X 96″87272MAPLE
48″ X 96″87276RED OAK
48″ X 96″87345TEAK
48″ X 96″87277VG FIR
48″ X 96″87278WALNUT
48″ X 96″87279WHITE OAK


48″ X 96″87220RED OAK

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