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1/4″8052549 X 97MDF1S
8038048 X 96V/C1S
1/2″8060049 X 97PBC2S
8044048 X 96V/C2S
8058049 X 97PBC1S
5/8″8058249 X 97PBC2S
3/4″8068049 X 97PBC2S
1/4″2082149 X 97MDF1S
1/2″2082449 X 97PBC1S
2082348 X 96PBC2S
5/8″2082549 X 97PBC2S
3/4″2082649 X 97PBC2S
5.2mm799104 X 8V/C1S, HI
12mm799154 X 8V/C2S, HI
15mm799204 X 8L/C2S, HI
19mm799254 X 8V/C1S, HI
799234 X 8L/C1S, HI
799334 X 8V/C2S, HI
799304 X 8L/C2S, HI
5.2mm807254 X 8V/CV/G 2S, HI
12mm807504 X 8V/CV/G 2S, HI
19mm800704 X 8V/CV/G 2S, HI
807754 X 8L/CV/G 2S, HI
5.6mm832034 X 8MDF2S
832045 X 8MDF1S

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